iTools iOS 11.3 Download for iOS 11.3.1, 11.3.2, 11.3.3 Windows and Mac

If you are an iOS user, you must be very familiar with the term iTunes. It is the official mobile management tool for iOS devices. Are you satisfied with its work? Well, you will sometimes say yes, because you have never experienced the features of iTools. In this article, I am gonna give you a brief idea on iTools, its latest update of iTools iOS 11.3 and more about its features. So keep in touch with us. By reading this article you will surely make your mind to turn into iTools instead of iTunes with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch of latest iOS 11.3 version.

itools ios 11.3 download

iTools 11.3 Download for Windows and Mac

iTools 11.3 Download

iOS 11.3 Update

iOS 11.3 is released recently by fixing bugs and by bringing some more features. iOS 11.3 consists of long waited Apple pay cash feature. This will be the last update to this iOS 11 version because Apple was able to fix all the pesky bugs with this new update. So far any complaint on this new version has not been reported. By the way, if users demand more features, there’s a possibility of bringing another update. But iOS 11.3 is a whole new package of earlier and latest features Apple features. So if you are having this iOS 11.3, you must definitely know about iTools iOS 11.3.

iTools iOS 11.3

itools ios 11.3 screenshots

iTools iOS 11.3 is very much similar to iTunes. If both of them are similar what is the need of iTools instead of iTunes? iTools and iTunes are not exactly doing the same thing. iTools is an advanced tool than iTunes. You can find all the features of iTunes in iTools too with some plus points. So iTools iOS 11.3 is something beyond the iTunes. That is why you should replace your iTunes with iTools. Although time to time iTunes also comes with new updates, they are too far behind from iTools. iTunes even can’t think of reaching the level of iTools.

What is iTools 11.3?

iTools iOS 11.3 is a fairly new desktop app which helps you in synchronizing your Apple device. It can be introduced as a mobile management tool and as well as a store of music, videos and also as a transfer software. It functions in different ways and it also encourages jailbreaking of iDevices.

iTools 11.3 is the latest update of iTools. If you have joint with latest iOS 11.3 update, it is better if you could go with iTools iOS 11.3 which has a dual platform management capability. iTools 4 is compatible with iOS 11.3 which we also call iTools iOS 11.3. So now let’s see what we can add to our latest iPhone X with iTools iOS 11.3

Features of iTools iOS 11.3

itools ios 11.3 features

  • If you want an extended battery life and if you want to update the status of your battery, “Battery master” of iTools iOS 11.3 will help you in that task. It brings you facts on battery health, battery temperature, boot voltage, charging cycle, Actual Battery capacity, current voltage, battery Serial Number and etc.
  • “Image tool” of iTools iOS 11.3 help you in editing albums, exporting and importing of image formats such as JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG/JFIF, PNG,  Exif, BMP, GIF, etc., in creating and deleting image albums, in sharing images between PC & iDevices and in showing original resolution of images via image viewer.
  • “iTools iOS 11.3 file transfer tool” allows you to transfer data from your PC to iDevice. This iTools data migration tool supports drag and drops feature.
  • iTools also consists of iBook concept which you can read soft copies of books.
  • iTools file manager helps you in managing files and folders on your device.
  • iTools ringtone maker allows you to arrange your ringtone in your way. You can select any song or recording or a sound clip or any track as our ringtone.
  • To arrange the icons on your iDevice without making a mess iTools icon arranger supports you.
    You can see the screen of your iDevice on a large screen of a PC or on a Mac with the help of iTools Airplayer.

In this way, iTools iOS 11.3 will support you in many ways by enabling you to handle and manage your iDevice methodically. All 64 digit iOS devices are compatible with iTools iOS 11.3. Any device which is compatible with iOS 11 are also compatible with iTools iOS 11.3. So now get away from iTunes and run your iOS with the help of iTools iOS 11.3