iTools for iOS 9.3.4 and iOS 9.3.5 free download for Mac and Windows

iTools for iOS 9.3.4 is an alternative file manager, similar to iTunes. iTunes is the official PC companion for Apple devices. Being an Apple tool, iTunes has many extra features which are more or less unnecessary. On the other hand, iTools for iOS 9.3.4 is elegant and light weight, and contains all the necessary features of iTunes in a more streamlined way. If you are, like many other iTunes users, looking for a better alternative then you should definitely give iTools iOS 9.3.4 a try.

itools for ios 9.3.4

Features of iTools for iOS 9.3.4

  1. iTools for iOS 9.3.4 works perfectly with all Apple devices.
  2. It can easily transfer and synchronize files between PC and mobile device.
  3. It complies with all iTunes protocols, making is a perfect alternative.
  4. It has backup and restore feature that works with files, contacts, sms etc of iOS 9.3.4
  5. There are many useful extra features built in this tool.

Download iTools iOS 9.3.4 and install

You can download iTools iOS 9.3.4 form the download link below:

itools 9.3.4 for windows

This installation file is about 15 MB. Like any standard installation file, open it after downloading and iTools will be installed on your PC.

Using iTools

Using iTools for iOS 9.3.4 is very easy. If you have used iTunes before, you will find everything to be very similar. Though being a Chinese tool, there might be some problem with their English descriptions, but that won’t be of any problem actually. iTools for iOS 9.3.4 has a lot more friendly user interface than iTunes. It is very intuitive. You first need to open the iTools in your PC and then connect your iOS 9.3.4 (or any previous version) running device to the computer. You should use the default USB cable that comes with your device package. iTools will detect your device in a moment. Then you can use the iTools features just like iTunes.


iTools iOS 9.3.4 version is safe, easy to use and lightweight. Thus you will definitely like it if you are annoyed with iTunes. Though we think this is one of the best iTunes alternatives, we should mention that we are not involved with its development. The copyright of this tool belongs to its developer group.