iTools 10.0.1 Download for iOS 10 devices Windows and Mac versions added!

Apple released their iOS 10 with a lot of impressive features. Without taking time Apple has also upgraded their iOS 10 from iOS 10.0.1 by addressing issues with the biggest iOS 10. At this way, first minor update of iOS 10 is available now that weights over 25 MB – 60 MB. Thus it is now time to look at iTools 10.0.1 with Apple’s new software update that help you for best management on iOS. Since Apple has upgraded their iOS 10 from iOS 10.0.1 now you may download the iOS 10.0.1 at your iPhone 5 and above, iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad models and iPod Touch Generation. Thus, anyone with the compatible device now can download their iOS 10.0.1 through OTA or iTunes. It’s clearly the update addresses security and bugs issues with the current iOS 10.

iTools download for iOS 10.0.1

Download iTools 10.0.1 for Mac & Windows

itools 9.3.4 for windows itools 9.3.1 for mac


New features in iOS 10.0.1

  • Addresses issues that has caused the audio quality drop in calls (over the VoLTE)
  • Addresses issue that has caused problems with the “Hey Siri” recognition
  • Upgraded stability of Camera & Contacts applications
  • Fixes issue that has caused problems while connecting the Bluetooth or pairing with the Apple Watch

Monitor your iOS in Best Way

Since Apple upgraded their iOS 10.0.1 right away, you now can get the iTools 10.0.1 for managing the updated device. It’s just smart and supportive like the iTools download that advantaged earlier iOS versions. Thus, you can install the iTools 10.0.1 version as well as try to monitor everything very smartly. Whereas Apple own the iTunes stands for each task on iOS, and users move their iTools. Reason is the simpler interface as well as right response. In this way, the iTools Download is a best alternative for the iTunes that will manage each aspect of iOS in simpler and resulting way.

System Requirements for iTools 10.0.1

The iTools supports Mac and Windows OS. Thus below given are some supported version that iTools desktop software will run without any clash.

  • Mac – OSX 10.8 & above
  • Windows – 10, 8.1 and 8, 7, XP and Vista

Features of iTools 10.0.1

iTools made of various tools that actually stands for different functionalities. As iTools Download is available to original Chinese, now you can manage iOS in the comprehensive interface. This is totally free & accessible easily than Apple’s iTunes.

  • Firmware download
  • The advanced media file (Between iOS & Android possible with the iTools)
  • Restoring options
  • Back up all assistant for the complete data backup & app backup
  • Desktop management feature
  • Manage contacts
  • Feature to manage the jailbroken iDevices (10.0.1 jailbreak still is not reachable you may keep options to use when you’re allowed for the iOS jailbreak)
  • App installation o uninstallation
  • Feature to save your battery to boost the device performance and more
  • Advanced cache clearing
  • Wallpaper setup, customization features and ringtone maker

iTools 10.0.1 version may have much to do with the latest firmware, rather than to move hard to the iTunes give try on the iTools 10 to get a link with many useful resources.