iTools Download for iOS 10.2 iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Windows and Mac versions!

Suppose you’re waiting to have upcoming iOS 10.2 on your iPhone, iPad aand iPod nd enjoy the fantastic features then you can have iOS 10.2 December 2016. Thus, while enjoying features of the 10.2, you might feel it is good to have way to manage the iOS in easiest way. Then at this time you do not have to be worry of it iTools 10.2 is there for any help you. Actually as per available beta we all know within 10.2 our iPod, iPhone, as well as iPad users may enjoy the fantastic features.  They may enjoy more of emojis, TV App, screen effect, than Video app, new wall papers, Emergency SOS, and other improvements. At time it might get very hard to manage the iDevice with latest update. Thus, at this time what you can do in managing the iPhone, iPod and iPad. We know that it is complicated to manage the device with the iTunes. Thus, now you may easily manage the iDevice with the iTools without even confusing with the iTunes.

itools download for iOS 10.2

Download iTools 10.2

itools 9.3.4 for windows itools 9.3.1 for mac

Why you want iTools iOS 10.2?

All iPod, iPhone, as well as iPad users are generally using iTunes to manage the devices. They might feel very uncomfortable with this, as you know exactly when you will use the iTunes to transfer the apps to iDevice then it is linked to the iTunes account on computer. However, if you want to transfer the apps from other computer at your iDevice then the iTunes will try to sync content of computer to the iDevice, and in this process the device content may erase. So this was disgusting.

You now do not have to bother about these kind of things, as you may use iTools in place of iTunes. Obviously  iTools is the free application & it is performing very nicely. You may use it in Windows & Mac computers both. Thus, whenever you update the device to iOS 10.2 at this time you may use updated iTools 10.2 in manage the device. iTools is totally compatible for all iDevices compatible to iOS 10.2.

iTools 10.2 Features

You might think from what aspect I may manage iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTools. You may use the iTools to manage iDevice primarily on 3 sections. These are “Device management” “Data management”, as well as “Advanced features”. Now let us see what are the things you may do under the sections are.

  • Upgrade & downgrade firmware
  • You may perform customization like, the change in wall paper, color and ringtone
  • You may free space of device through option of the clear cache & unwanted data
  • Support in managing the files transferring between the android and the iOS
  • Advanced contact management
  • Total backup assistant & options to restore
  • Care battery of the iDevice
  • Simple way to install & uninstall of the apps
  • Provide effective way of desktop management
  • Manage your contacts, messages at your iDevice



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