iTools iOS 9.2 free Download for iPhone, iPod, iPad

Most of the Apple users use iTunes as their default media manager. But we all admit that iTunes is a clumsy piece of app, which is also heavy on system resource. Hence there is a demand among the users for an iTunes alternative. iTools iOS 9.2 is the perfect candidate for this. iTools iOS 9.2 is a Chinese application for Windows and Mac which can do all the necessary things that you need for managing your phone media.

itools iOS 9.2

Features of Latest iTools iOS 9.2

  1. Perfect phone manager:

    iTools iOS 9.2 has everything that you wish in a phone manager. It can perfectly replace iTunes and works just as great.

  2. Easy to use:

    iTools iOS 9.2 is extremely easy to use. The left panel includes all the actions available. The interface is user friendly and neat. Once you open iTools 9.2, you will easily understand how it works. All the features are clearly listed in the software menu. Just click the one you want.

  3. Manage your phone from your PC:

    iTools 9.2 can work as a file manager for your iPhone or iPad. You can view all the files stored in your device memory, move files, transfer new files to your device or copy a file to your PC.

  4. Easy file transfer:

    With iTools iOS 9.2, you can simultaneously manage files between your phone and PC so that all the files remain properly synchronized. This is what the iTunes does. But you can do this perfectly with iTools too.

  5. Manage contacts:

    iTools for iOS 9.2 has an amazing feature which lets you manage your contacts form it. You can even browse you massage box form here.

  6. Backup and update:

    Using iTools for iOS 9.2, you can backup your personal data. You can also update apps and uninstall the ones you don’t want to keep.

Download iTools iOS 9.2 and use

Size of this application is about 15 MB. It will work in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

itools iOS 9.2

Once the download gets completed, run the installer in your PC. After the installation completes, connect your Apple device with your PC via the USB cable. Now run the iTools 9.2. It will detect your device. Now you can perform all the tasks listed in the left panel of iTools.