iTools iOS 9.1 download free for Windows and Mac

iTools iOS 9.1 is a best alternative to iTunes. It can manage your iPhone, iPod, iPad which connected to the computer. iTools helps to transfer photos, videos, and music from computer and your iDevice easily. If you try to transfer files from the iTunes, actually it is a difficult task but with iTools ios 9.1 we can do it very easily. This works with all iDevices including iPhones, iPads and also iPods, so it’s better to use iTools ios 9.1 instead of itunes for the managing purposes.

itools ios 9.1

itools ios 9 1 windows itools ios 9 1 mac

If you wish to use iTools iOS 9.1, first download it from the above download links. Then connect your ios device after you successfully installed the iTools software to the computer. Then you can transfer files both from ios device to computer and also from computer to ios devices. And also there are many more pretty features are included in the latest iTools iOS 9.1.


Features of latest iTools iOS 9.1

Data Migrate (Data Transfer)

As we mentioned above the main feature of iTools is Data Migration. After connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the computer you can easily transfer data. In the toolbox of the iTools you can find “Data Migrate” feature simply click on it to use it.

Battery Master

This is amazing feature that offers by iTools ios 9.1, with Battery master you can see full detailed report of your battery heath and usage. Report includes many imports things about the battery like real capacity, the design capacity, battery  manufacturers, boot voltage, serial number of the battery and many more!

Portable Disk

With this feature simply makes your ios device into a portable storage device.

Ringing tone maker

Anyone can easily make ringing tones with this feature. There is a “Ringtone Maker” feature in the toolbox of the iTools ios 9.1, with this you can choose music files in your ios device and also music files in computer and set them as your ringing tone or as the message tone.

Super Backup with iTools

In the toolbox of the latest iTools there is feature called “Super Backup” with that anyone make backups of the ios device connected.

Real-time desktop

This is a amazing feature which can takes the real time mobile desktop to the computer desktop.

File Explorer

Browse the file system of the iPhone / iPad or iPod from the computer and can take information of the necessary files.

Super Restore with iTools

Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the computer that iTools iOS 9.2 installed, and then you can easily restore files that you want with the iTools.

Crash log

Simply you can find the errors and crash logs of the iOS device.

Fast Optimization

This is also an amazing feature of the latest iTools. You can optimize your ios device easily with iTools. It cleans the caches and remove unnecessary files..etc

 Firmware Download

Latest iTools iOS 9.1 will automatically detects your ios device and downloads automatically the latest ios firmware.