iTools 9.3.3 download for Windows and Mac computers supports all iOS devices

Any advanced iPhone user knows that it is a hassle to manage iPhone from PC using iTunes. iTunes is heavy, clumsy and unnecessarily involved with other Apple services. Hence, users often look for a better alternative to iTunes. ITools 9.3.3 is one of the best such alternative. It has all the privileges of iTunes without involving the unnecessary features. So if you want to leave iTunes and move to an easier simple phone manager for iPhone, iTools 9.3.3 should be your first choice. In this article we are going to discuss how you can download iTools for iPhone and mention the features which make it the best phone managing tool.

itools 9.3.3

Features of iTools 9.3.3

iTools 9.3.3 comes from a group of Chinese developers. But its feature set makes it competitive with the official iTunes. Below its main features are listed:

  1. Familiar look and feel:

    iTools for iPhone has the familiar look and feel of iTunes. The interface is simple and clear. All the tasks are listed neatly in the app.

  2. Easiy connectivity:

    iTools for iPhone will detect your phone very easily once you connect the ipPhone to your computer via an USB cable. The whole system is automatic.

  3. Powerful file manager:

    As a file manager iTools for iPhone has premium quality. You can browse all the files of your phone memory form it. You can also see what types of files are taking how much space. The presentation of information is very clear.

  4. Synchronize, transfer and backup:

    iTools for iPhone can synchronize between your phone and PC. Just like the iTunes. Moreover file transfet between devices is extremely easy. You can even keep backups.

  5. App manager:

    You can see all your installed apps via iTools for iPhone. It is even possible to update or uninstall your phone apps form PC via iTools.

  6. Other features:

    There are many more features in iTools for iPhone. For example: you can manage your sms, notes and contacts form it.

Download iTools 9.3.3

itools 9.3.1 for windows itools 9.3.1 for mac

Here is the direct download links of iTools 9.3.3 for Windows and Mac computers.

How to use iTools for iOS 9.3.3?

Using iTools is very easy. Install the app in your Windows PC then open the app. Now, connect your iPhone with your PC via the USB cable. iTools will detect your device. In the left column you will see the various possible actions. Choose any task you desire.